Why I Got Out of the Mortgage Business

The real estate industry is an absolute shit-show.

From real estate agents, to lenders, changing guidelines, volatile laws and regulations, builder incentives,  title companies, the list is endless – there is only one motivating factor that runs every aspect of the industry and that is money.

If anyone tells you that they actually care about you and your home, they’re just flat out lying to your face.

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Heads Up – Condi Rice is Now On the Board of DropBox

Just the other day as I was perusing the interwebs on a lovely Sunday night, I came across this article on The Guardian that totally caught me off guard. 2016

Intriguing the hell out of me, I went to check out the site in question, Drop-Dropbox.com and found a whole slew of information about this little fiasco.

As a user of Dropbox for over 2+ years, I was really happy with their services.

DropBox exceeded everything that I could ever want from an online storage provider – all my files uploaded damn near instantly, everything was synced all the time, there was seamless iPhone integration, etc.

But as I was reading the over the website, I started remembering those trickled in emails that I was getting from them a few months ago regarding how solid their privacy policies were and a little light bulb went off.

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